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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three reasons why

        I am going to tell you three main reasons why the movie is better than the book. They are both approved by the author and they are also both are written and directed well, but in my poi ion is more fun to watch movies that read a book isn't it? Well, I think so.
          The first reason why I think the book is better than the movie is because, you feel like you are actually there and feeling the feelings all of the characters and getting to know them better. Also, it really shows that beneath all of that " the community not feeling anything , thing"   There really is loving people who would care if all of their memories and feelings weren't erased, and that shows Mostly more in the movie, and it is really fun to watch because you would think that they have no feelings like I stated before, a community like this still can experience a feeling here and there that's different  you never really know everything  there always could be a surprise in the future.
The second reason why I think that the movie is better than the book is because, in the boom they just told you what happens and don't  really get into the detail about it, but in the movie, will in the movie they got into detail like for example, when they didn't really describe how Fiona's or Jonas other  friend looked, you couldn't really tell, but in the movie ypu could actually seen her and what she actually looks like just like Jonas other friend looks like too, also, it's more fun to watch a movie than to read a book,  in my opinion. Also, the movie is just represents the book and the movie itself in a good way. I like both but I believe the movie has better qualities in it. The move also has more action that is included and is all around a great movie to watch.
        The thirds reason why I think that the movie is better than the books is because tjo as has better memories that the old giver gives Jonas. Also, I like the scenes where Jonas tries to  oh no what he has been training for being a giver. But, like the giver said Jonas is the special one with the birthmark shaped like a triangle on his forearm so he is the only one in his generation right now that can be the actual giver so it will not work on Fiona.  But Jonah still tries anyway and it almost actually works on Fiona because she feels something different between them not them just being friends,  something different than that.
In conclusion , I hope that you know your three reasons why you the like book/movie better thans the book /movie. Have you read the book have you seen the movie if you haven't go give them both a try and like I said see witch one you like better. they both represent each other well, and lastly they are both full of surprises!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The giver

Now Jonas is trying to tech his friends what he is training for. It doesn't work but yet, he still tries to teach it to them . I like this book because it teaches you how to not give up if up want to do something so badly in this case, it's Jonas teaching his friends how to do what he's is doj g in his training. My one thoughtful worst ion is, why did you make Jonas try to teach ha fronds how he is training when he just can't?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The giver

Jonas is finally seeing color and is acting different to all the people around him like his friends remember, he an lie now wich he has been to his friends. I really like tha book because it shows you that Jonas is different than pretty much all the rest of the community because he was born like that he was born with the birthmark that he saw on himself and Gabriel. My one thoughtful question is, why did the author choose to put a birthmark as a sign of being born to be a receiver?

Monday, April 25, 2016

The giver

Now Jonas is discovering that he can see colors and that he is very different than all of the ready of the community. I really like this book because it really shows that even with an all the same community, there can still be people that are a little different. My one thpughtful question is, why did the author choose to put Jonas a s the one that's different .

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The three amazing sentences

This book is now sharing that how Jonas feels is not the same as how the whole rest of the community is felling , they DONT have feeling they don't know hen they kill somebody they don't know how to love etc, I like his book because it's goes you why a future or community  like this cold be not a very good one in my opinion. My one thoughtful question to the author is that, is this your original idea for how this community cant feel any emotions???

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The give, what community do you think Jonas lives in?

Now, this book is mostly talking about how Jonas want his parents to feel emotions becaus, right now try can't, I love this book and what is inside o it, it turns you on a different deprecation than what dierection you probably thought you were headed for. My one thoughtful question for the author is, why did you decide to put Jonas in a community were they can't feel emotions or can't see color or have no conflict etc.???

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The giver the exiting story

now, jonas has not been taking his pills for four weekes and the stirring came bsck but he was really guilty. i like this book a lot becuase it has a lt of swists and turns to pretty much every part of the story. My one thoughtful question i want t ask the author is, what made you want to write this book?